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Efficient Pool Cleaners for Fiberglass Pools

If you’re searching for maximum assistance in cleaning and preserving the state of your fiberglass pool, it is advisable to depend on robotic pool cleaners. To activate them, there’s no need for a complicated installation. What’s also fantastic about this is that most robotic cleaners don’t even need your help. They’ll do the task on their own!

Yes, you can just relax and you don’t need to exert too much energy in conserving your fiberglass pool as a robotic pool cleaner will mechanically do the job for you. Not only are they assistive in preserving your pool, but they’re also environment-friendly, money-saving, and purely economical. Your pool will be chemical-free with these high-tech robotic cleaners.

Uncommon Advantages of Relying on a Robotic Pool Cleaner

There’s no doubt using a robotic pool cleaner is propitious and purposeful. They produce the best cleaning outcome. No other pool cleaner can match the ability of a robotic pool cleaner. If you’d be interested to know some of its uncommon abilities, read below.

  • A robotic pool cleaner contains a newfangled electric motor that has a functional pump and filters used to gather detritus from the fiberglass pool.
  • It can sedulously scrub, cleanse, and disinfect the pool surfaces. It won’t leave the wall, floor, and steps of the fiberglass pool filthy.
  • Not like the other usual pool cleaners, a robotic pool cleaner can accumulate both large and tiny grains of dirt. It vigorously scrubs all the filthiest parts of your fiberglass pool and eradicates algae and harmful chemical properties from the water, making it an ultra-safe swimming pool.
  • It is not complicated to use as it has a plug-and-operate function. It doesn’t need gas to operate and it works productively even with less expending of energy and power.
  • It is very safe for human use and it doesn’t release any harmful and deadly chemicals that could affect a person’s health.

Two of the Most Dependable Robotic Cleaners

  • Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

This pool cleaner is arguably the highest-rated selection if you’re in search of the most dependable, cost-effective, long-lasting, and independent robotic pool cleaner. Rest assured that no major problems will be experienced with this exceptional cleaner.

Talking about effortless maintenance, this pool cleaner stands out. It provides extensive cleaning, ensuring that your pool is 100% safe for human use. It may be pricey, but it is worth investing in. Surely, it will give you a long period of service without giving you a headache.

With this robotic pool cleaner, don’t be fooled by the word “robotic”. It’s true that it possesses highly newfangled features to operate in the best way, but it’s still very easy to use and understand. There’s no need to undergo a complicated process. Moreover, it’s very energy-saving. No wonder it can help you save money.

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Save Money in Pool Cleaning with Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

As a pool owner, you probably already know that upkeeping your pool’s crystal-clear water is no joke. Manually cleaning it can eat up almost your entire day, plus you may experience back and muscle pains after the cleaning session. On top of these, you also need to consider the increasing water restrictions and rising energy bill as a drawback of pool ownership.


Fortunately, pool cleaners like Dolphin pool cleaner can remove impurities without causing a spike on your energy bill. This automatic robot is what you need to clean your pool with less intervention from you. Aside from being programmable, it’s very effective in removing 90% of dirt, leaves, algae, and other pollutants.

Benefits of Dolphin Pool Cleaner

There is no doubt as to the cleaning ability of a Dolphin pool cleaner. Besides that, this robot can reduce your water wastage by up to 80% compared to other brands. That’s over 13,000 liters of water each year! This makes the Dolphin pool cleaner an excellent choice for its practicality and environment-friendly effect. 

A Dolphin robot cleaner reduces water wastage by cutting the filtration time required. This process produces a positive domino effect – requiring less backwashing of filter cleaning too! Lesser time to do all these translates to a lower energy bill. Use an energy savings calculator to compute for how much money you can save on your bill for an entire year.

The reduction of the cleaning time has another positive result – it lessens the stress on the pump and filtration system as the operating pressures are considerably lower. This benefit means that these parts of your pool need less maintenance and repair, thereby saving you money again. If these parts are in good condition at all times, they help clean the pool better.

While other pool cleaners depend on the pool pump and filtration system to operate, the Dolphin robot runs independently. Meaning, you don’t need to turn on the pump or the filtration system to help the machine do its job. All you have to do is plug the device to a power outlet, drop it in the pool, wait until it reaches the floor before you turn it on. To get an insight into how it works, you can check out this Dolphin E10 video review.

The video shows how simple the robot works. It doesn’t need an extra hand from your pump to agitate the water nor use the pool’s filtration system. The device has its filter bag that collects trash during the cleaning session. You can clean the trash compartment using a pressurized sprayer once you’re done cleaning the pool.

Since the Dolphin cleaner effectively removes dirt and algae in a single passing, it takes less time to clean before you get the result you want. The robot is designed to cover most of the pool’s surface. It has an impressive suction power for large debris, fine filters to trap tiny particles, and scrubbing brushes to loosen up stubborn debris, soil, and algae in surfaces and grout lines. Overall, the Dolphin cleaner provides superior cleaning performance in less time than other models.

Some models of Dolphin cleaners have variable cleaning speed options. This feature allows you to choose what cleaning mode you want the machine to run. You may only need to program the robot in “low” mode if the pool isn’t that dirty. Choosing a low energy options is another way to reduce your electric bill without sacrificing the water’s cleanliness.

Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Dolphin pool cleaners are equipped with features that you can’t find from other brands.


There are various models of Dolphin robots. Some of them share similarities in terms of design and other physical aspects, but some models are more powerful than others when it comes to performance. Here are some of the best Dolphin pool cleaners in the market today:

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Guide in Starting Your Own Pool Cleaner Business

More than 15 million homes in the United States plus 400,000 commercial establishments have swimming pools. These amenities need upkeeping to make them look spotless, long-lasting, and safe to use. On top of that, swimming pools need renovations every 7 to 9 years. These considerations make a pool cleaner business a profitable venture in the long run.

What Does a Pool Cleaner Do?

If you want to set up a pool cleaning business, you need to know what to expect from your clients. Your clients may be residential or commercial establishment owners who belong to an affluent class of society.

Your clients will hire you to either clean or repair their pools, or do both. They want to prepare their pools for the swimming season. Some clients would empty their pools before calling you, while others would leave it full for you to drain. In any case, you need to empty out the pool after cleaning, refill it with water, treat it with chemicals, and ensure the water has the right pH balance.

The steps you need to take to clean the pool depends on its type, size, and condition. For instance, if you service warmer areas, you will clean the pool by removing leaves, bugs, and debris.

Providing a pool cleaning service is just one way to earn. You can make more by offering “package deal” services, including equipment repair and pool renovations. Based on several small guides, pool owners are willing to pay a company that can fix leaks, replace lights, or repair broken equipment.

Daily Schedule and Earnings

Each day is different. The type of clients you have determines what your day will be like. If you have an appointment by nine in the morning for a client who leaves far, you need to prepare the equipment and hit the road at 7 am. The more clients you have, the busier you will be. You may be forced to work until midnight in some cases.

A pool service business is a $15 industry that can give you a steady stream of revenue. Only 40% of 15 million pool owners are utilizing the service of pool cleaners. This means that there’s still plenty of untapped markets for you to work on. To get a significant share of the market, you can offer a service menu for all the swimming pool problems from the smallest jobs to big remodel.

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How To Properly Vacuum Your Pool Manually And The Convenience Of Using A Pool Robot

There’s no denying that pool maintenance is a daunting task. The mere thought of manually vacuuming your pool is tiring. Nevertheless, it’s an essential chore to ensure your swimming pool is in fantastic shape and safe for everyone to enjoy the entire year. Aside from this, it can help you evade costly repairs down the road and prolong its life. For this reason, it is wise to invest in the upkeep of your pool.

Vacuuming your pool manually will require some effort on your part. You have to get down to the depths of your swimming pool, scrubbing and vacuuming every nook and cranny. Fortunately, there are different types of automatic pool cleaners that can make your pool life easier.

A robotic pool cleaner is one of the most innovative cleaning equipment today. These automated are easy to use, efficient, safe, and eco-friendly. All you have to do is place the unit in the water and it will do all the wearisome job for you. 

How Does A Robotic Pool Cleaner Works?

Basically, a robotic pool cleaner is an underwater vacuum cleaner. It’s a little, self-contained device that will do all the hard work that comes with keeping your pool sparkly clean. 

Pool robots have an inbuilt electric motor that drives them around your pool as they clean. Moreover, they feature sensors for detecting obstacles such as stairs and walls that may hinder their operation. They can also dive to the bottom of your pool without human intervention to take care of your pool floor. 

For most pool owners, a robotic pool cleaner is the best option around. Since these devices are self-contained, they will not rely on the filter or pump of your pool to do its job. What’s more, they’ll be able to suck up small to large debris with ease. All the filth collected will then go to its built-in container, which you can empty out and afterward.

Another notable feature of this automatic cleaner is that it can determine the best possible route for washing your pool for more efficient cleaning. 

There are even high-end robots that you can control remotely and program using an app on your smartphone. 

These robots come with different features that can meet your pool cleaning requirements. You can learn more about them on this comprehensive guide about robotic pool cleaners.


Other Types Of Automatic Pool Cleaners Vs Pool Robots

The other types of automatic pool cleaners are suction-side and pressure-side. Pool robots offer plenty of unique features and work independently from the main pump and filtration systems of your pool. What’s more, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that these robots can provide you with reliable and dependable cleaning experience.  

Their initial cost is probably their biggest drawback in comparison to other cleaners. Nonetheless, they can significantly cut down the time and effort required for cleaning, as well as reduce your monthly energy bills. 

So how do pressure-side and suction-side cleaners compare to a robot pool cleaner? 


Suction-side pool vacuum cleaner

A suction-side traverse your pool floors and walls randomly by applying a suction action. This decreases the power of the filter system of your pool. Also, the unit is controlled off your pool pump.

Although this pool vacuum cannot provide you with deeper cleaning and needs monitoring, it still has a pretty good track record. Its operation is simple and will make its way at the sides of your pool getting rid of dirt and grime. Plus, it is one of the least expensive among the bunch. 


Pressure-side pool vacuum cleaner

Similar to a suction-side, the scope of a pressure-side cleaner is restricted and harnesses the power of your pool pump as well. Likewise, you need to monitor it. However, it comes with a bigger bag than a suction-side vacuum for collecting dirt. Hence, it’s better at deep-cleanings and picking up larger debris. 

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of using a pressure pool vacuum is that it consumes more electricity. On top of that, attaching the unit to the ports connecting it to your pool’s main filter and pump can be a bit of a hassle.


Do I Still Need To Manually Vacuum My Pool Even If I Have A Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Robotic pool cleaners are great at what they do. These little machines are very convenient and can help a lot with your pool upkeep. Yes, they can do all the work for you, but these indispensable tools are not magical. Your device can throw some debris right back into the water as it vacuums a pool filled with debris or algae. 

Even if you have the most advanced model, you still have to learn how to use a manual pool vacuum for spot cleaning hard to reach areas. This is especially true if you have to deal with a nasty green infestation. Aside from that, here are the reasons why you need to vacuum your pool manually:

  • Your pool has a major problem like algae, that your automatic pool cleaner just can’t solve
  • If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional to take care of the problem 

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