How Long You Can Expect Your Pool Robot Cleaner to Last

Automatic Pool CleanerIf you’re a pool owner, you very well know that a swimming pool requires quite a bit of maintenance and attention. Aside from protecting your investment, you want to ensure that it’s clean, hygienic, safe for the whole family, and aesthetically pleasing. However, pool cleaning is not an easy chore. Thankfully, you can rely on automatic pool cleaners to take care of the daunting task for you.

You have three options in terms of automatic pool cleaners. These include pressure, suction, and robotic pool cleaners. They are also available in a variety of designs and styles, making it easy for you to find the best one for your backyard mecca.

But one of the biggest questions we need to address is how long will these cleaning machines last? Read on to find out.

How Long Will My Robot Pool Cleaner Run for?

We often buy products that provide plenty of value for our money. However, most of these items will break down within a short time leaving you at a loss. However, getting a robot pool cleaner offers a higher return for your investment.

You can expect the device to serve you for four or five years. It can even last up to eight years with the right upkeep. Although you can find cheaper models that do not offer the same lifespan but given the proper care, you can still expect them to run for at least three years.

What’s more, you don’t need to shell out on expensive annual maintenance. Nonetheless, you still need to maintain it, especially when tackling debris. And when it’s done and over with, you just need to replace your unit.

Although maintenance is needed for a robotic pool cleaner, especially to clean out the debris, there is no costly annual maintenance. Once it is done with, you simply replace it.

Robotic Pool Cleaner 2020 Dolphin

Advantages of Owning Robotic Pool Cleaners

There’s no denying how fantastic robot cleaners are at making your swimming pool cleaners. Robotic pool cleaners provide an extra measure of filtration. Likewise, they are energy efficient and can clean every area, including the steps of your pool and other awkward spaces.

On top of that, it helps lessen the need for you to utilize chemicals throughout the cleaning process. Plus, it offers other sweet benefits like full automation, high mobility, light in weight, and a compact design.

But these gadgets do have a shortcoming. And it is that you need to clean your unit after every use. Nevertheless, you only need to set it up and place it in the water, which will only take less than ten minutes.

A Little Bit of Maintenance

Your robotic pool cleaner requires the right maintenance if you want it to perform at its best and for a longer period. Your unit usually comes with filters and bags to assist with its upkeep. It may also come with a cleaning accessory.

You need to empty out and clean your robot’s bag regularly. Make sure to use the cleaning tool that comes with it when washing its brushes, which are usually located at the sides just under your device. Doing so can help eliminate the likelihood of debris buildup, which can also prevent it from malfunctioning.

In terms of parts replacement, it’s advisable to contact the support and services of your robot’s manufacturer.


Other Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners and Their Lifespan

Suction-Side Pool Cleaner

pool robot 2You connect this type of pool cleaner device to the suction section of the plumbing of your pool. It typically comes in the following categories:

  • Those that are powered by the hydro drive train
  • Flat, pulse or disk-shaped cleaners

A suction pool cleaner works by moving throughout your swimming pool due to the movement it produces as it starts and stops pulsing pool water. It will suck up all sorts of debris via its neck and through its hose.

These devices are the most affordable and will only last a few years. But if you take care and maintain them properly, they may last for about three to five years.

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

DolphinOften called booster pumps, this kind of automatic pool cleaner applies the pressure side of the circulatory system of your pool to purify it. They also utilize the water pumped in your pool to navigate it.

These devices also offer some specific benefits like aiding in the distribution of fresh and filtered water in the entire pool. Additionally, they come with filter bags of their own, which means that you will not be compromising the filtration system of your pool since it will not let filth to go in the pump basket.

With proper maintenance, your pressure pool cleaner can last you between five and seven years. Also, it’s replacement parts are easily accessible, so you can expect it to last even longer than that.

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