How Often Should I Run My Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Robot pool cleaners are the best investment you can get for your swimming pool. One of the many reasons for their popularity is due to the technology that enables them to take care of the whole cleaning process for you. These home pool gadgets can function without the need for you to directly control them.

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Nevertheless, each automatic pool cleaner has its own run time requirement. Most homeowners typically make the mistake of not adjusting how long their cleaner works each day. They simply set its timer once and leave it at that without making necessary adjustments. But paying attention to how long your robot operates and adjusting its setting the whole year can make it even more cost-effective.

So today, we will answer one of the most vital issues regarding a robotic pool cleaner, which is how frequently you should let it operate .

Understanding How An Automatic Pool Cleaner Works

An automatic pool cleaner is a self-cleaning device working on electricity. Depending on the model, it can wash not only the flooring of your pool but its walls as well. 

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They come in the following types:

  • Suction-side cleaner. This model is affordable and can pull in medium to large debris.
  • Pressure-side vacuum. It utilizes pressure from the water flow to move around your pool. It’s also great at sucking up medium to big debris.
  • Robot pool cleaner. The innovative cleaner is powered by electricity and can handle silt and small debris.

The latest generation of robotic pool cleaners are more efficient and reliable. Likewise, they provide a cleaning similar to what you can receive out of manual pool vacuums. The biggest difference here is that these devices eliminate most of the physical and manual jobs.


How Often Do People Use Your Swimming Pool?

From the get-go, this is something you need to address. Your family is probably in the pool the majority of time during the scorching summer months. And when a lot of people are constantly swimming in your pool, then it’s going to be dirtier than ever.

SwimmingKeep in mind that people carry a lot of dirt and grime. What’s more, when you don’t cover your pool, it’ll make it more accessible for yard debris like grass, twigs, and leaves to enter its water. Ideally, you need to run your robot pool cleaner daily or at least once a day if you’re always swimming in it. But if you don’t swim in it as much, run it at least once weekly or every two weeks. 

When you’re using a swimming pool cover all the time, you may wash your pool monthly. Also, do not forget to make any necessary adjustments for a clean, safe and easy to maintain your swimming pool.

Trash and other kinds of filth can dive right into your pool easily. That’s why it’s crucial to clean it, especially if you don’t have a pool cover. But even if you have one, dirt can still find its way into the water.


How To Use Your Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Properly

Robovacs are autonomous. They come with a system that enables them to sustain the cleanliness of your pool with little to almost no assistance from you. To start using your unit, you want to set it up first. This may vary depending on the brand or model you have.

You can find specific details on how you can set your cleaner up in its manufacturer’s manual. This is usually very hand, so make sure not to lose it. Once you’ve set up your robot, place it in the pool water and it’ll start doing its task by itself. 

Some units come with the convenience of remote control. This enables you to command it even when you’re inside your home. You’ll be able to set your device to avoid or clean a certain area in your swimming pool. 


There are models that can clean vertical surfaces like pool walls and floorings. If your machine doesn’t have this feature, you need to wash them manually to prevent dirt from building up.


Robotic Pool Cleaner Run Time

Most robot cleaners come with a mode allowing you to wash your whole pool in a matter of a few hours. They can normally finish the job in an average-sized swimming pool in about 2 to 4 hours. You can use those precious time to do other necessary household chores.

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The cleaning it’ll provide you is usually quite thorough. Nonetheless, this powerful and practical cleaning may not be necessary all the time. So if your machine has a basic cleaning mode, it’s advisable to use that instead. 

When your robot is done, take it out of your pool and empty out its filter bag to prepare it for its next cleaning task. If you plan on cleaning only weekly or monthly, then perform a deep-cleaning. Doing so will ensure that you’ll be disposing of all debris and avoid buildup.

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