” A historian to lead Grand Strategy,” Yale Alumni Magazine, May/June 2017

The Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy probably gets more outside press than any other course at Yale. But that’s not the reason history professor Beverly Gage ’94 is looking forward to her new post as its director. For Gage, the timing is the thing. With a Donald Trump presidency, she argues, what could be more essential than a program that studies effective leadership in a fast-changing world? Read more here.

“A Moral Call to Action on Poverty,” New Haven Independent, April 26, 2017

After spending years interviewing tenants and landlords and reporting on urban evictions, Matthew Desmond reached a conclusion that surprised him: Conventional liberal and conservative explanations that heap blame on everything from deindustrialization to out-of-wedlock childbirth overlook the actual root causes of poverty in this country. Read more here.