Robotic Pool Cleaner And How To Make Your Pool More Sustainable

maintain their swimming poolsClimate change is one of the biggest threats our planet is facing today. Because of this, more and more consumers are looking for ways on how to make their homes as eco-friendly as possible. And this includes the way they maintain their swimming pools.

We usually treat our pools with chemicals. Unfortunately, this presents an adverse effect on both the environment and your family. But with the advancement of technology, we now have several means to make our pool greener and sustainable. 

One such option is a robotic pool cleaner. These gadgets are a game-changer. Because of their convenience, cost-effectiveness, and energy-efficiency, they’re usually referred to as a Roomba for swimming pools.


The Importance Of Reducing Your Energy Consumption

Energy ConsumptionAside from an increase in your monthly electric bill, consuming too much energy also increases your carbon footprint. And one of the biggest contributors to your energy consumption is your pool system. In fact, it accounts for more than 50% of your monthly power consumption. 

Improving energy efficiency can help pool owners cut down their monthly expenses. Likewise, it can help promote productivity and reduce pollution as well. Hence, it’s a smart idea to opt for innovative solutions like investing in a robotic pool cleaner.

What Makes Robotic Pool Cleaners Sustainable?


  • They’re all about energy efficiency

Unlike other types of pool cleaners such as suction-side and pressure-side, these robots work autonomously. They don’t need your pool system to function. Thereby, they don’t need to consume extra power to sanitize and keep your pool dirt-free. 

The great thing about these automatic pool cleaners is that it will only cost most models 5 cents per hour to clean. A robot usually takes three hours to finish a full cleaning cycle. So that’s only 15 cents worth of pool maintenance. 

And you virtually don’t have to do anything. You only need to set your unit, place it on the water, and watch it do its magic.

pool cleaners

  • A performance that the environment would love

In comparison to other varieties of automatic pool cleaners, the robotic type will only use a portion of the electricity other cleaners will consume. Hence, they are more economical, eco-friendly, and perfect for anyone who wants to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

What makes these smart devices extra special is their excellent filters for collecting debris. The dirt compartment is built within the unit, reducing the need to apply chemicals and perform backwashes. What’s more, this can also help improve your pool water’s circulation and flow while saving water at the same time. 

Investing in a robot pool cleaner means you’ll be contributing to the ecological balance in your local community. And at the same time, you’re lowering your monthly energy costs. 

On top of that, these robots are highly intelligent. They are equipped with advanced features, including a navigation system that can learn your pool for the best possible cleaning path. Also, they clean quicker than other pool cleaners, and you don’t even need to be physically present for your unit to do its task.


Other Ways To Make Your Pool Sustainable


  • Switch to a solar pool heater

A solar-powered pool heater is a superb sustainable option. They do come with high price tags, but your investment will pay off in the long run. If you don’t have the budget at the moment, you can decrease water evaporation with a pool cover. 

The cover can keep your pool water naturally warm while minimizing organic waste buildup. Additionally, pool covers can also help you save on chemicals and water bills. So make sure to use one when you’re not using your pool.

solar pool heater

  • Choose eco-friendly cleaners

Chlorine may be great at maintaining your pool, but the Environmental Protection Agency considers it as a type of pesticide. Moreover, it can irritate your skin, eyes, and hair. It’s also extremely dangerous when you mishandle or misuse it, not just on people but on animals and plants in your backyard as well. 

Luckily, there are several alternatives out there like bromine and natural mineral sanitizers. You may still need to add algaecide or chlorine occasionally. Still, it’s a safer method since you’re reducing the need to use toxic chemicals.


  • Choose sustainable swimming pool accessories

LED lights are a fantastic way to reduce your pool’s energy consumption. Plus, it will keep your pool area sufficiently lighted at nighttime. You may also consider purchasing eco-friendly pool toys, skincare products, and swimwear. These may be small things, but they’ll make a massive difference to the environment.

  • Regular pool maintenance

Checking your pool regularly and maintaining its cleanliness is vital. First, you’ll utilize fewer chemicals if you sanitize it often. This, in turn, can help the environment. 

Also, make sure to remove any dirt right away and replace your pool filter frequently. You may even consider switching to water-saving filters that can help keep the pristine condition of your pool water while making it more sustainable.


Why Sustainability Matters

We only have a limited supply of fresh water. This is an issue that the entire world faces. That’s why it’s crucial to protect this limited resource by taking action today to pave the way for generations to come. 

Many countries around the globe are already looking at implementing practices, from waste reduction to energy efficiency, to achieve a sustainable space. Robotic pool cleaners fit in these goals since these are the essence of their design.

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