Beverly Gage is Professor of History and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Yale. She teaches courses on American politics and society, liberalism and conservatism, communism and anticommunism, and the craft of historical writing. In 2009, she received the Sarai Ribicoff Award for Teaching Excellence in Yale College. Her recent classes include:


HIST 131, American Politics and Society, 1900-1945 (lecture)

HIST 136J, Liberalism and Conservatism in U.S. Politics (seminar) (also HIST 029: freshman seminar)

HIST 161J, Communism and Anticommunism in the 20th-century U.S. (seminar)

HIST 196, Terrorism in America, 1865-present (lecture)


HIST 733, The United States in the 20th Century (readings)

HIST 748, American Conservatism in the 20th Century (readings)

HIST 725, Research in U.S. Political History (research)

HIST 990, Historical Writing (research)

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” A historian to lead Grand Strategy,” Yale Alumni Magazine, May/June 2017

The Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy probably gets more outside press than any other course at Yale. But that’s not the reason history professor Beverly Gage ’94 is looking forward to her new post as its director. For Gage, the timing is the thing. With a Donald Trump presidency, she argues, what could be more essential than a program that studies effective leadership in a fast-changing world? Read more here.

Yale Daily News: History Department Enrollments Spike, February 2, 2015

Amid national discussion decrying the decline of the humanities, Yale’s History Department is on the rise.

According to the director of undergraduate studies for the department, Beverly Gage, the department’s course enrollments are up by roughly 30 percent this year — making them close to the highest the department has seen in the last decade. The number of declared majors, which has been falling in recent years, is also up this semester, she said.

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